Signs and Symptoms

When a fracture occurs a deformity of the bone will result. The bone will move and there is a chance of grating of bones.

Within 72 hours of a fractured fibula an acute inflammation response occurs. Damaged tissue releases histamines to increase blood flow to the area so that the injured site (causing discolouration (bruising) due to blood vessel damage) and releases phagocytes (white blood cells) to clot the wound and consume bacteria and dead cells so that there is now room for repair (de Castella, p8-2). While phagocytosis occurs, inflammation and swelling, tenderness and a numb leg will all result, causing difficulty or inability to move the leg.

Due to all the above signs and symptoms, especially inflammation,a reduced range of motion and unnatural movement will occur. This will cause great pain if weight is placed on the leg.

Discolouration and swelling
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Deformity of the bone
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